2024 4th International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Electronic Information Engineering(MAEIE 2024)

Conference Review- MAEIE 2022

Due to the covid-19 epidemic restrctions, 2022 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Electronic Information Engineering (MAEIE 2022) had been successfully held online on Sep. 23–25, 2022.

There are 3 keynote speakers giving speeches:

Prof. Ning Sun from Nankai University, China

Speech Title: Modeling, Dynamics, and Intelligent Control of Complicated Underactuated Cranes: Theory and Experiments

Assoc. Prof. Guanglei Wu from Dalian University of Technology, China

Speech Title: Path planning of industrial robots for obstacle avoidance

Prof. Huajun Dong from Dean of the School of Computer and Communication, Dalian Jiaotong University, China

Speech Title: Researches on Characteristics of Vacuum Switching Arc and Actuator

Eight Authors participant in oral presentation session:

Baozhong Cheng from University of Jinan

Title: Finite element analysis of complete structure of tower cranes

Jiang Lin from Chongqing Jiaotong University

Title: Overall Strength Analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

Wenge Chen from Beijing Institute of Technology

Title: Experimental Study on the Cumulative Damage of Shipboard Structure Subject to Near-field Underwater Explosions

Jie Guo from Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Title: Research on the Prediction Method of Yield in Extraction Process of Trailing Suction Dredger

Lifa Nong from National University of Defense Technology

Title: Attitude Reference Transfer Method for Moving Base Based on Correlated Frames

Zhigang Liu from Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd

Title: Analysis of Liquid Inclination on the Absorption Performance of the Cavity-containing Coating

Yuhong Mao from Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Title: Comparison of the Measurement Results of PIV with Different Tracer

Shengzhe Shi from AVIC Special Vehicle Research Institute

Title: Research on Direct Measurement to Spray Resistance Test of Prismatic Planing Hull